24 Hour Emergency Dentist  773-766-5017

Toothache, swelling, broken tooth or other pressing needs? We are able to accommodate and handle your needs. At Simply Dental Implants we are well versed in the removal of teeth and the repair of broken teeth or lost fillings. For emergencies, we are able to make appointments Monday through Friday. We also offer limited availability on Saturdays and Sundays. Message or call our emergency contact number and we will do our best to reply in a timely manner. 

What to bring

Bring names of all medications and information on any medical conditions or recent medical procedures. Previous X-rays are not necessary as we offer X-rays for only $30. Bring a form of payment. 

Emergency Room or Emergency Dental Visit?

Visit the hospital emergency room if you have the following symptoms, malaise, weakness, chills, high fever, seizures, extreme swelling or head trauma. 

Pain with hot, cold and sweets along with throbbing pain with minimal swelling are typically handled in our office. We prescribe antibiotics and pain medication for patients receiving treatment. 

Emergency Dental – Dental Implant Complications

We treat broken teeth, painful teeth, throbbing teeth or gums, broken crowns or fillings, and dry sockets.

We are able to fast track the production of crowns or veneers to have you looking your best and not skip a beat. 

We also treat dental implant complications such as loose crowns, fractured dental implants, and loose dental implants. There have been many cases Dr. Guerra has treated that other dentists will not touch, such as the removal of failing implants. 

Call or Text our emergency number at 773-766-5017 if we do not answer the office phone. 

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