$500 Dental Implant Services

The Best Dental Implant Value in the Chicago-land Area, Why?

Dr. Rich Guerra has placed over 7,000 implants. I focus on dental implants as most of the dental work I perform involves implants, extractions and bone grafting. I value quality and strive to be known as the best provider for Implants. With dental Implants, experience counts and I place more implants per year than almost any other Dentist.

How much do dental implant cost? Many implants are placed by one dentist and the abutment/crown is placed by another Dentist. Each of those dentists will charge a fee. That is why the total cost of a dental implant can be high. A recent quote from Costa Rica indicated the total cost of an implant there is roughly $1600 which includes the implant, abutment and crown. Save time and travel expenses and visit us here in Chicago where my fee is $1800.

Dental Implant Fees (Single Tooth)

Typical Fees

  • $2000 Implant Placement
  • $650 Abutment
  • $1350 Crown
  • $4000 Typical Fee
Dr. Guerra Fees

  • $500 Implant Placement
  • $500 Abutment (Stock)
  • $1000 Crown
  • $2000 TOTAL FEE ($200 Discount if paid in full with cash or check at implant visit)

Affordable!  How we do it

  1. Dr. Richard Guerra is highly experienced. A simple placement of an implant can take 30 minutes or less. 
  2. I purchase up to 400 implants and abutments per bulk order and that reduces costs. 
  3. We use a digital workflow for implant prosthetics meaning we have an intra-oral crown scanner (trios 3 shape) and use it to measure, design and produce your final result.
  4. I rely on the experience versus using expensive surgical guides. I also do not use a treatment planning service which can add $300 per case. 
  5. German and Swiss implants are more expensive because the Euro exchange rate (adds 20%) . Our American implants are of high quality.
  6. Our office is modern but not fancy. The cost of high end touches and luxury are eventually passed down to the patient.

I use only high quality dental implants and materials for ALL patients, I will more than happy to discuss the brand of implants and crown materials I use during your consultation