$500 Dental Implant Services

The Best Dental Implant Value in the Chicago-land Area, Why?

Dr. Rich Guerra has placed over 8,000 implants. He focuses on dental implants, extractions, and bone grafting. He values quality and strives to be known as the best provider for implants. With dental implants, experience counts, and he places more implants per year than almost any other dentist.

How much does a dental implant cost? Many implants are placed by one dentist and the abutment/crown is placed by another dentist. Each of these dentists will charge a fee. That is why the total cost of a dental implant can be high. A recent quote from Costa Rica indicated the total cost of an implant there is roughly $1700 which includes the implant, abutment, and crown. Save time and travel expenses and visit us here, in Chicago, where my fee is $2200.

Dental Implant Fees (Single Tooth)

Typical Fees

  • $2000 Implant Placement
  • $900 Abutment
  • $1400 Crown
  • $4300 Typical Fee
Dr. Guerra Fees

  • $500 Implant Placement
  • $700 Abutment
  • $1200 Crown
  • $2400 TOTAL FEE ($200 Discount if paid in full with cash or check at implant visit)

Affordable!  How we do it

  1. Dr. Richard Guerra is highly experienced. A simple placement of an implant can take 30 minutes or less. 
  2. We purchase up to 450 implants and abutments per bulk order and that reduces costs. 
  3. We use a digital workflow for implant prosthetics meaning we have an intra-oral crown scanner (Trios 3 Shape) and use it to measure, design, and produce your final result.
  4. We rely on the experience versus using expensive surgical guides. We also do not use a treatment planning service which can add $300 per case. 
  5. German and Swiss implants are more expensive because of the Euro exchange rate (adds 20%). Our American implants are of high quality.
  6. Our office is modern but not fancy. The cost of high-end touches and luxury is eventually passed down to the patient.
  7. We use only high-quality dental implants and materials for ALL patients.
  8. We will be more than happy to discuss the brand of implants and crown materials we use during your consultation.