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Dr. Rich Guerra – Implant focused Cosmetic Dentist

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Why Choose Us

You have the choice of many so why Choose Dr. Rich?

  • I have the experience of over 3,500 dental implants. Experience and a dedication to doing your best is more important than redundant coursework. After taking a few implant courses, what is taught is surprisingly similar in all the courses.
  • Often times I can do more than a specialist. In a single visit I have performed a cleaning, filling, crown and implant. Also I am able to make NON-REMOVABLE temporaries under certain circumstances. My removable temporaries can be ordered in one day and often can be made in under an hour. Why go through the run around of going between your general dentist and a specialist.
  • We treat you like a person rather than a number. We value your business and strive to give you the best experience possible.
  • I want to offer implant treatment at affordable prices. More than anything else I want to be known as the BEST.  Many of my patients already have implants by other doctors and overwhelmingly they felt their experience in our office was better. We also have many patients who are doctors, attorneys and professionals and they choose us.
  • Dr. Rich is the owner and operator of Northside Dental Implants. Oftentimes the Doctor who places your implant is a contractor and you take the risk of the Doctor moving out of the practice or completely disappearing. We have a stable staff with nearly Zero turnover. If the office is open Dr. Rich is always there and available to have a word if necessary. I suggest you choose an office where the doctor who places your Implant is an owner or part owner of the business.
  • We have convenient hours.